Top 4 Indications for Windscreen Replacement You Shouldn’t Ignore

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  • Post last modified:February 28, 2024
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Have you noticed a crack or chip on your windscreen and brushed it off as an easy fix? Think again. Your windscreen plays a crucial role in keeping you and your family safe while driving. It acts as a barrier against airborne particles and provides protection in case of accidents. While dirt and insects could leave a mark, things like pebbles, hail, and tree branches can crack or chip your windscreen.

Windscreens are designed to be tough and durable, serving as a protective shield on the road. However, when damage occurs, there’s a risk of the windscreen shattering and causing harm to you and your passengers.

Ignoring a small chip or crack is a common mistake, but it can lead to more severe issues. Leaving it untreated allows dust and moisture to accumulate, worsening the damage. Remember, no matter the size of the damage, a chipped or cracked windscreen should never be overlooked.

While some windscreen damage is repairable, there are four major warning signs that point to the need for a replacement in order to maintain everyone’s safety on the road.

1. Location of the Damage

The position of the chip or crack on the windscreen is a crucial factor. If it’s close to the edge or within your line of sight as the driver, it’s essential to replace the windscreen promptly. Damage in the driver’s line of sight can impair visibility, while chips near the edge can weaken the rest of the windscreen, increasing the risk of it cracking while driving.

2. Size and Depth of the Damage

Even if a chip or crack appears small, seeking professional advice is always recommended. Chips and cracks that penetrate beyond the outer layer of the glass can compromise the windscreen’s strength. Additionally, the size of the damage should be assessed by an auto glass expert for accurate evaluation.

3. Extent of the Damage

While one or two chips or slight cracks may be repairable, an increasing number of them indicate the need for immediate attention. Multiple chips and cracks can weaken the windscreen, making it more susceptible to shattering. Anything that hinders the driver’s vision should be addressed and repaired promptly. If you’ve already had several repairs or if your windscreen is old, the service provider may recommend a replacement.

4. Previous Repair Failure

If a chip or crack has been previously repaired but failed to hold or if it has reoccurred in the same spot, it’s time to schedule a windscreen replacement. Most windscreen repairers will not attempt to repair the same area again, as it indicates an underlying issue that can’t be effectively resolved through repair.


While windscreen replacement can be a costly endeavour, many drivers have the option for windscreen replacement coverage in our insurance policies. This coverage often allows for one windscreen replacement per year, with or without an excess payment. To determine if your windscreen is covered, contact your insurer and have your policy details ready for the repairer. If windscreen replacement isn’t included in your insurance, consider adding it for peace of mind.

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