Challenges Faced in Car Windscreen Replacement: Overcoming Modern-Day Obstacles

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  • Post last modified:February 28, 2024
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Damages to your vehicle windscreen can occur due to harsh weather conditions, debris, or flying stones. The severity of the damage depends on the impact and existing cracks or chips. Today, windscreen replacement poses a unique challenge for vehicle owners. One of the main complications arises from the installation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which have become increasingly prevalent in modern vehicles.

ADAS systems utilise advanced technology, including cameras, sensors, and radars, to enhance driver and pedestrian safety by preventing accidents. However, these systems are often mounted on the front or rear windscreen, making windscreen replacement more complex.

The Challenges in Windscreen Replacement:

Due to the presence of ADAS sensors and cameras, special care must be taken during windscreen replacement. These components need to be efficiently removed before replacing the glass and carefully mounted onto the new windscreen. Additionally, recalibration is required to ensure optimal functioning with the new glass.

Not all windscreen replacement technicians are proficient in ADAS installation, and even slight discrepancies in positioning can compromise the effectiveness of these systems. Any malfunctions may go unnoticed until an accident occurs. Therefore, it is crucial to entrust your windscreen replacement to a reliable technician experienced in ADAS installation.

Tips for Car Windscreen Replacement:

1. Maintain All Manufacturer Specifications

Keep all the documentation related to your vehicle, such as the VIN, year of manufacture, and list of ADAS features. These details will help the windscreen technician understand your vehicle’s requirements and perform the installation without affecting the ADAS features.

2. Never Compromise on Time or Money

Recognise that replacing the windscreen in a modern vehicle with ADAS involves additional complexities, resulting in a longer duration and potentially higher costs. Transparent communication from a trusted technician will ensure an appropriate and efficient replacement.

3. Choose a Windscreen Replacement Service Wisely

Prioritise reliability and quality over cost when selecting a windscreen replacement service. Opt for a reputable company that uses authentic OEM-recommended windscreens and possesses the necessary equipment for efficient replacement.

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In conclusion, windscreen replacement in modern vehicles with ADAS requires careful consideration and expertise. By following the provided tips and choosing a trusted service like Albion Park Rail Windscreens & Plastics, you can navigate the challenges and ensure a successful replacement that preserves the functionality of your vehicle’s advanced systems.